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Sofa Bed is the finest furnishing item to add to your places and enjoy the comfiest seating. Our sofa bed Dubai offers double advantages as a cozy bedding and an inviting sofa and will help you with attractive interior designing.

With this unique furnishing, you can have the best space utilization and enjoy various other advantages too, such as added storage and easy mobility.

Sofa Bed Dubai
Best Sofa Bed Dubai

Uniquely Designed

We stock the most outstanding designs and styles of convertible beds.

Classic Sofa Bed Dubai

Premium Quality

Our sofa beds feature the finest build quality for maximum durability.

Our Exclusive Sofa Beds with Storage

With our finest-quality convertible sofa, you can enjoy long-lasting comfort, elegance, and cost-effectiveness. Our sofas work wonders for every room and will add plenty of coziness to every corner.

Luxurious Shapes

You can get our beautiful sofas in multiple shapes and sizes for a perfect fit.

Customized Sofa Bed Dubai

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Features Of Our Sofa Bed Dubai

Our luxurious convertible sofas offer exemplary comfort and a range of benefits for every household. These sofas are easy to convert, move, clean and handle. You can place these sofas in any corner or space of your house and make it comfortable and useful. They get converted into daybeds quickly and will relive all of your concerns regarding accommodation.

  • Fast And Easy Conversion: Our sofa Dubai beds are extremely easy to turn into beds and you can also place them in kids’ rooms and nurseries.
  • Convenient Care Needs: These sofas are highly resistant against stains and impact damage and can be easily maintained with minimal cleaning.
  • Excellent Space Efficiency: These sofas can be placed in all shapes and types of rooms for added custom bedding and seating, without consuming excessive area.
  • Smooth Movements: The movement, handling and assembling of these sofas is really convenient, quick and time-saving, perfect for gatherings and stays.

Explore Our Luxury Sofa Bed Styles

We provide the most luxurious and one-of-a-kind design, shape and size options for sofa Dubai beds. You can shop for these sofas for bedrooms, living rooms, outdoor areas, dining rooms, home theaters, Arabic Mijlis, home offices and even commercial spaces.

This daybed is excellent for placing in room corners and enhancing resting space without taking up a lot of room. You can have this sofa in all shapes and sizes, depending on your requirements and put an end to all accommodation problems.

This convertible sleeper is perfect for small bedrooms, living rooms, lounges, kids’ rooms, and home offices. It is really easy to move, maintain and handle, and makes a great substitute to traditional sofas and bedding. You can shop from multiple shape options.

This incredible sofa is the most useful furnishing item to buy for every home. It comes with multiple flexible storage options and you can have additional concealed compartments as well for a neat room organization. Also, this sofa comes with expandable storage.

This sofa is custom designed according to your specified material, size, shape, finish, and design preferences. You can choose any desired materials for this sofa such as high-quality woods, heavy-duty aluminum, durable metal and leather upholstery for the perfect statement piece.

Luxury Sofa Bed Dubai



How We Craft Valuable Customized Convertable Beds Dubai

Area Measurements

Area Measurements

We measure your desired spaces and provide beneficial furnishing consultations.

Frame Designing

Frame Designing

We design the most perfect, robust and heavy-duty sofa frame.

Upholstering And Covering

Upholstering And Covering

We cover and tuft the sofa with your desired upholstery.

Finishing And Enhancing

Finishing And Enhancing

We give all the final touches and accessorizing for beautification.

Top Advantages Of Buying Our Unique Sofa Beds

Our sleeper sofa is the most comforting, functional, and cost-effective furniture choice and this will also save you from buying additional furnishing. With this pull-out flexible daybed, you can benefit from every inch of your rooms and enjoy cozy watching, reading, resting, and lounging for longer time periods.


Health Benefits

Our ergonomically designed sofa cum beds improve posture and relieve body aches.


Favorable Features

Our sofa offers multiple benefits like adjustable armrests, backrests, & removable covers.


Who Are We?

Presenting you with high-quality, long-lasting furnishing solutions, including customization, styling/accessorizing, repairing, and polishing treatments for your furniture items in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Top Quality Sofa Bed Dubai

Enjoy Space-Saving & Beautiful Furnishing With Our Sofa Beds

Our sofas are the most interior-defining and cost-effective option for designing attractive inviting guest bedrooms.


100% Usage Convenience

Versatile Functionality

Excellent Comfort

Create Inviting Commercial Decors With Our DayBeds

These sofas are a wonderful furnishing option for workspaces, home offices, meeting and reception areas

Easy To Maintain

Compact Sized

Stain Resistant

Impact Resistant

Reliable Sofa Bed Dubai


Why Choose Us?

Sofa Bed Dubai is the first-rate specialist of residential & commercial furnishing in the UAE. Luxury daybeds Dubai are one of our top and best-selling products which offer exceptional benefits and cost-effectivity.

Valuable Furnishing

Our sleeper sofas are the most low-maintenance, multi-functional, and long-lasting items for home furnishing.

Maximum Affordability

We provide all styles, shapes and sizes of these convertible sofa beds at budget-friendly rates in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Versatile Sofa Bed

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Our friendly, experienced and professional team will be happy to help and advise you on your requirements

Stylish Sofa Bed Dubai


Discover Frequently Asked Questions

The cleaning and maintenance requirements of our sofa Dubai bed are quite simple and low-cost. All you need to do is wipe clean or vacuum clean its surface to prevent any buildups. Perform immediate spot cleaning in case of stains or spills and avoid harsh chemicals.

Of course, our sofa Dubai beds are an excellent choice for everyday use and you can sleep on them on a regular basis. If you don’t find the regular mattress of the sofa to be thick and comfortable enough, we also provide specialized mattress options for extra comfort and ergonomics.

You can get all kinds of customizations for the sofa bed Dubai. We provide frame material, upholstery fabric, padding material, tufting, buttoning, size, shape, color, print, pattern, shade and finish personalizations. Moreover, you can have various other features such as extra storage, modular designs, detachable parts, etc.

Sofa Beds are the best option to style your room with extra seating and sleeping space. These furniture pieces can be styled even in small dimensions and offer long-lasting benefits with comfy upholstery.

Carpenters and Interior designers recommend 250-500 pound sofa cum beds for additional benefits. These can bear children as well as adult weights with extra stability factors.

Prominent benefits of sofa beds include convenient use of space, easy-to-use furniture items, and practical interior addition. Buy our daybeds for custom designs and upholstery treatments.

Our sleeper sofas not only save your space but are also comfortable, easily foldable, and long lasting. We always craft them with high-quality materials and finishing treatments for interior beautification and enhanced functionality.

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Our friendly, experienced and professional team will be happy to help and advise you on your requirements