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Sofa Bed Dubai

Revive your sofas & beds to a new look. Sofa bed Dubai is offering top-notch sofa bed reupholster & repairing services across UAE. We have versatile materials to customized your beds & also have professional artistry to give the furniture a new life.


Sofa bed Dubai Highly Reliable brand located in Dubai for all kinds of customized made services at a reasonable range of prices for upholstery items, blinds and curtains and is one of our favourite supplies.

The interior of your home needs to be comfortable and clean, so they have some of the most creative ideas on what works with your home and what you need.  Keep your purchase looks presentable and stylish. Customer service is top-notch.


Sofa Bed Elegant Designs and Quality

We do carry fabric and leather sofa upholstery Dubai options with high quality for our customers. Upholstery Dubai items offered by us are fully packed with the desired customization that customer needs  All fabrics are hand-selected and delivered in a bubble wrap packaging.
Upholstery items are normally offered in our workshop or our own store for a reasonable price – we are more than happy to offer these, but they must be ordered from our sofa bed Dubai Company.

Installation Service

In many of the installations we perform for Upholstery, we use Balsam and then as a finishing step, we applied Durable Sonic Repellent. This product is used to stop the fabric sticking to the surface of the material with a little help of some anaesthetic spray. We have a large portfolio of clients for upholstery Dubai. Contact us to order your favourite upholstery Dubai item.


To get the premium quality Headboards with high quality for your bed, sofa and other kinds of furniture items.  Sofa bed Dubai latest Headboard and upholstery will give a classy look to the home.

The upper part of the headboard can be top or bottom, I prefer to have top. You need to make sure that there are no wrinkles or folds in the material for your satisfaction.

Premium Order Headboards for Customers

You can also use premium canvas to make the headboard on beds or on the sofa, use the same as with the chair or the wall décor.

The customer can order to add foam mattress coverings along with soft fabric coverings to the headboard or under the bed also be customized according to his desire.

A soft, warm and comfortable bed, sofa, or other room can really make a difference to your room and bed, but choosing the right headboard set is also important. So we are offering our customers the best headboards

 Our Expertise Services

We are the leading service provider for upholstery and furniture repair – headquartered in Dubai, we give you complete solutions to replace your furniture pieces in order to provide a new lifetime and preserve them well. Sofa bed Dubai totally genuine products that will keep your furniture looking beautiful.

Our designers provide customized upholstery options that suit your taste, mood, and lifestyle.

Custom Made Beds

Sofa Bed Dubai is the best solution for different fabric made to customize cushions. The stuff of our cushions Dubai is soft with lean-to take rest. Cushions Dubai is the best choice to add beauty to your home interior.

Our Offerings to Customers

What type of cushions do you need?

> How many cushions do you need?

> Is there anything you can order?

From corner trays to kitchen cabinets, the pillars of the stylish Sofa bed Dubai designed furniture family takes delight in your long-term luxury Cushions Dubai.

Sofa bed Dubai is a brand name that offers beautification to the interior by adding cushions Dubai, Upholstery and so on, which is perfect for beauty.

 Best Shop for Customized Made Cushions in Dubai

Our cushions Dubai are made up of dense, heavy-duty material with soft, absorbent and free from scuffs and drops. These cushions are suitable for fast activities such as tennis, swimming, fitness, etc.

We are the best solution for your problem with cushions. Our cushions Dubai and headboards Dubai are made using a high-quality dry cleaning service to ensure your comfort and peace. So don’t waste time to think about the second option.

Moreover, if you are looking to purchase any of our cushions for your house, please feel free to call us anytime.


Sofa Bed Dubai banner

Why Sofa Bed Dubai?

Whether you’re growing or grown, younger or old, mum or dad – Silentnight has the Perfect Mattress and mattress for you – with over 42 years of experience going into every single one we make from our U.A.E. base. The simple beauty of waking-up feeling rested, refreshed and ready-to-go is a luxury everyone should be afforded, which is why Silentnight offers a mattress for every type of sleeper, whatever your age, size or sleeping habits.

Our roomy corner sofa bed Dubai and L-shaped designs are seriously lounge-worthy. With wise modular designs with customize couch, endless shade, and material combos – some even with secret storage – you’ll discover a nook couch you can stretch out on in style.

Beautify your Home with Sofa Dubai

You can beautify your living room in so many different ways. When you decide to Beautify your home with a Sofa Bed Dubai Sale, you must take into account the color scheme of the room. You should match the furniture to the color scheme of the room and create a harmony of colors throughout the room.

In pursuit of a sofa, you may end up getting the wrong sofa if you don’t pay attention to these things. Online furniture shops may be an option if you want a Sofa Bed Dubai Online for less money. Some online furniture shops allow you to choose from various styles and textures, so this should be something you consider.

We believe in Quality and Trust

Different Types of Sofa Beds

There are 5 unique kinds of couch beds, which include fold-out, clic clac, raise and pull, A‐frame, or nook couch beds. All of which are effortless to assemble.

Folding Sofa Bed Dubai

A folding sofa bed Dubai simply works by unfolding the mattress from the settee into a comfy and generous bedroom with two swift movements. This style of sofa bed Dubai is perfect for more regular, longer-term use as it features a tailored foldable mattress.

You can customize your choice of mattress from memory foam or an open spring mattress, unlike other sofa bed UAE which uses the sofa cushions as a base to sleep on.

Are Sofa Beds Dubai Comfortable?

You can also retail space, however, you may not get a good deal of sleep if you select a choice bed option that isn’t comfortable. In general, a wall bed is more comfortable than a sleeper sofa, and it all comes down to the mattress. A sleeper couch uses a skinny mattress, usually only about 4 to 5 inches thick.

A‐Frame Sofa Bed Dubai

With an A‐frame sofa bed Dubai, you simply pull the lower front panel of the sofa forwards to unfold the A-shaped frame into a flat platform. Again, a cantilever mechanism returns the bed into the sofa position.

Corner Sofa Beds Dubai

A corner sofa beds Dubai is a fashionable way of offering in a single day agency a notable night’s sleep and is more than basically a piece of furniture. Our Corner Couch Beds provide a stylish addition to present-day living, an area-saving notion that is both practical and grand addition to your lifestyle choice.

A corner sofa bed Dubai is an elegant way of presenting in a single day company a terrific night’s sleep and is extra than only a piece of furniture. Corner couch beds can be made for left or right corners depending on the graph or graph of your contemporary dwelling area.

Mostly our clients ask this question that is Corner Sofas save space

Small corner sofas provide a space-saving solution, ideal for when you desire to maximize your residing area. When wrapped around a corner, these sofas provide space for everybody to enjoy together. The beauty of us vary is the capability to be able to customize the sofas’ color, cloth, and style.

Clic Clac Sofa Bed Dubai

A clic clac sofa bed Dubai isn’t too different from a folding sofa bed and is one of the simplest to operate. Simply pull the lower front panel of the sofa forwards to unfold the A-shaped frame into a flat platform.

Lift and Pull Sofa Bed Dubai

A lift and pull sofa beds Dubai are possibly one of the most traditional mechanisms and is most commonly seen in a futon sofa bed. To assemble a lift and pull sofa beds Dubai, simply lift the seat of the sofa upwards, angle it almost vertically until you release the locking mechanism, then pull the seat back down to create a flat platform.

Sofa Bed UAE can be used every night

Even the pull-out bed, which is queen-sized, could probably be used every day. At the very least, it’s a blissful vicinity for in a single day visitor to sleep for a couple of nights. It is a pricey option, but for an everyday sofa bed UAE, it could be worth it for you

Sofa Bed Dubai is comfortable to sit on

Sit on the sofa bed Dubai when folded with a mattress inside. Many sofas are available with and without sleeper options, if you are buying the sleeper version of the sofa be sure to try a model with the sleeper inside.

Living in a city means having to make some concessions when it comes to dwelling room space and one imperative article of furnishings that assists in doing so are the couch bed.

We provide you various ideas for your living room, including a sofa and Curtains Dubai. You can match these curtains with your sofa bed Dubai design to get more comfort and a luxurious look.

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