Beautiful & Comfy Customized Cushions In Dubai


We Offer On-Time Custom Cushions Designing Services

Sofa Bed Dubai presents the most outstanding decor product which is our exclusive Customized Cushions.

Sublime Quality

Our cushions come with the finest build quality and offer extreme performance.

Extraordinary Designs

Follow trendy interior decor with the eye-catching designs & shapes of our custom cushions.

High Durability

Enjoy long-lasting comfort, coziness, and health benefits with our extremely plush cushions.

Customized Cushions
Durable Customized Cushions Dubai

Get The Best Cushion Types And Styles For Every Decor

We are the top-rated specialists in customized pillows and cushions in Dubai & nearby cities. With our excellence, you can easily achieve all your decoration goals and enjoy mind-blowing comfort. Our unique and versatile custom cushions can instantly transform any space.

Indoor Cushions

Shop for the finest chair, seat, air, gel, pelvic wedge, bolster, lumbar, and deep seating cushions.

Outdoor Cushions

Get heavy-duty cushions for your chaises, benches, launchers, patios, rocking chairs, and floor styling.

Enjoy Statement Decors With Our Custom-made Cushions

We welcome you to discuss all your comfort level requirements and aesthetic preferences with our experts and get the perfect custom cushions designed accordingly. You can get a suitable option for every decor and functional need with our services. These cushions will serve you with extraordinary comfort, ease of usage, and the most outstanding decor for the longest periods.

Stunning Customized Cushions
Foam Cushions

Foam Cushions

We offer one-of-a-kind foam cushions with versatile firmness levels for indoor & outdoor use.

Fiber Cushions

Fiber Cushions

Get our decorative fiber cushions to make your seating furniture soft, comfy, and attractive.

Bring Your Ideas For Unique Customized Cushions

We Can Turn All Ideas Into Mind-blowing Realities. Talk To Us Today!

It’s high time you say goodbye to basic ready-made cushions and design the best comfort enhancers for your place. We offer endless ideas of decorative and support custom cushions to ensure maximum comfort for you.

Feather/Down Cushions

Offering prolonged support, our premium-grade feather cushions are great for all sofas and chairs.

Down Cushions
Extraordinary Comfort
Personalized Decor
Effortless Maintenance
Remarkable Health Benefits
Best Customized Cushions Dubai

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Extraordinary Comfort

Improve The Comfort Of Your Furniture

Say farewell to all the discomfort caused by your furnishing; our cushions will make every item highly useful.

Make it easy to benefit the most from furniture pieces.
Prevent the need for new furniture and upholstering treatments.

We Provide Entirely Budget-friendly Cushion Making Services

Our brand offers the most economical services for indoor and outdoor custom cushion designing. You can get every desired color, print, pattern, shade, finish, picture, texture, filling, and message customization for cushions from us and enjoy amazing discounts. Moreover, our custom-designed cushions are extremely long-lasting, hence completely cost-effective.

Bolster Cushions

These cylindrical cushions work wonders for lumbar support and can be used as armrests.

Shaped Cushions

We have all kinds of rectangular, spherical, heart-shaped, and square cushions in multiple sizes.

Modern Cushion
Elegant Customized Cushions Dubai

Premium Fabrics

Choose Your Favorite Fabrics For Cushions

We provide all kinds of luxurious and hard-wearing natural and synthetic fabrics for cushion coverings.





Finest Customized Cushions Dubai

Plushest Fillings

Discover Endless Filling Choices For Cushions

At our shop, you’ll find the widest options of filling materials for various firmness levels.







Details Of Our Work Of Customized Cushions


Discussions And Consultations

We offer free consultation sessions & provide you with the best suggestions.


Shape And Size Defining

We craft the perfect cushion model with your specified details & attributes.


Upholstering And Covering

We design cushions and pillows with high-quality filling & covering materials.


Adding Custom Touches

Get cushion design beautifications, personalizations, and enhancements from us.

Why Choose Us?

Sofa Bed Dubai is the most renowned provider of customized cushions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We offer remarkable indoor and outdoor custom cushion and pillow designs along with upholstering services to provide you with distinctive interior decor and exceptional comfort.

Extraordinary Cost-Effectivity

Our custom cushions offer way better comfort, aesthetics, and ease of handling than ready-made options, hence ideally value-for-money.

Endless Wellness Benefits

You will experience no backaches, numbing limbs, muscular pains, fatigue, and discomfort with our cushions during prolonged sitting.

Customized Cushion
Efficient Customized Cushions Dubai


Projects Done


Discover Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the size and number of cushions you’re getting and of course, the kind of design details you want. The lead time can extend due to additional features like the addition of zippers, custom messages, pippings, etc. Usually, the process can take around 1 to 4 weeks or more.

Ensure regular fluffing and plumping of cushions so that they wear equally from all sides. Dust them regularly or clean their surfaces with a vacuum cleaner. Perform suitable spot cleanings in case of stains or spills. Consider deep cleaning once in a while and store the cushions when they’re not being used.

When getting your cushions customized, take the desired purpose and usage area of the cushions into account. This will help you decide on suitable fabrics, fillings, and covering materials. Also, prioritize more versatile, heavy-duty, stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean options.

Cushion shapes that provide maximum comfort include square, rectangular, wedge, lumbar, round, and U-shaped. Additionally, you can consider options like bolster cushions, flat headrest pillows and cushions, and footrest cushions, depending on your preferences and lifestyle.


Our friendly, experienced and professional team will be happy to help and advise you on your requirements