Get The Finest Customized Upholstery In Dubai

Custom-Made Furniture Upholstery With Unique Designs

Our customize upholstery services will provide you with the finest-looking, most durable, and comfortable furnishing treatments.

Excellent Quality
Excellent Quality

All our upholstery fabrics feature the best build quality for enhanced performance.

Outstanding Designs
Outstanding Designs

We provide the most unique fabric design, print, pattern, shade, & color customizations.

Greater Longevity
Greater Longevity

Our luxurious upholstery & reupholstery treatments are designed to be 100% durable.

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Perfect Customized Upholstery

Budget-Friendly Excellence in Custom Upholstery for Casual and Formal Furniture

Sofa Bed Dubaithe best provider of custom upholstery services in Dubai, welcomes you to get all your residential & commercial furniture items improved and beautified, completely on a budget.

Casual Furniture
Casual Furniture

We provide heavy-duty, stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean upholstery fabrics for improving all everyday use furnishing pieces.

Formal Furniture
Formal Furniture

You can get all your valuable furniture items preserved with perfection with our personalized upholstery.

Revive Your Furniture With Dubai Reupholstery Experts

With us, you can give the most wonderful makeover to all your new and old furniture pieces and make them a valuable addition to your place.

We provide personalized upholstery, reupholstery, fixing, and repair services for all kinds of furniture. Our servicing will make your furniture ideally comfortable, low-maintenance, attractive, and long-lasting. Get in touch today to discuss your furniture improvement needs!

Sofa Bed Dubai

Upholstery Renewal

Get your sofas, chairs, and couches renewed with our quick and flawless servicing.


Custom Cushions

We provide a range of beautiful cushions, pillows, and supporters for furniture enhancement.

Offering Complete Furniture Treatments For Every Need

We Have The Perfect Solutions For All Furniture Improvement Requirements

Whether you want to renew the look of your furniture or want a complete design upgrade, we have endless ideas and treatments available for you.


Get our seamless and quick furniture restoration to save money and improve comfort.

Bedroom Customized Upholstery

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We Breathe New Life Into Every Furniture

We provide the fastest and most seamless reupholstery, fixing, repair, and covering services for worn-out, damaged, and old furniture

Save you money on new furniture items by booking us.
Offers maximum comfort, convenience, and health benefits.

Save 20% On Our Customized Upholstery Dubai Services

All our furniture upholstering, reupholstering, sofa repair, and designing services are available at pocket-friendly rates. With our services, you can achieve all your dream decor without having to spend on costly furniture. Moreover, our furniture improvement services are highly cost-effective and will keep on serving you for years on end.

Damage Repair
Damage Repair

We fix every single damage of your furniture frame, upholstering, and covering.

Improved Usefulness
Improved Usefulness

We make all your furniture items highly beneficial, comfortable, and space-efficient.


What They Are Talking About.

Trust Score 4.5 (Based on 1,200 reviews)
Stunning Customized Upholstery


Browse Our Latest Custom Upholstery Fabrics

We provide the finest range of sofa, bedhead, chair, and couch upholstery fabrics for unique and beautiful furnishing.

Real Leather

Plush Velvet

Heavy-duty Wool

Organic Linen

Elegant Customized Upholstery


Get Fast & Seamless Furniture Improvements

We offer versatile fixing, padding, filling, tufting, and repair services for ruptured, dull-looking, discolored, and old furniture.

Furniture Stripping

Furniture Polishing

Covering and Plumping

Scratch and Stain Removal

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How We Carry Out Customized Upholstery Treatments

Treatment Planning


Treatment Planning

We offer quick doorstep inspection and measurement services for furniture.

Old Upholstery Removal


Old Upholstery Removal

We remove old fabrication and upholstering while fixing all damages.

New Fabric Addition


New Fabric Addition

We treat the furniture with your desired custom upholstery fabrics.

Custom Designing


Custom Designing

We finish the furniture designing with decorative touches & customizations.


Why Choose Us?

Sofa Bed Dubai is the #1 provider of the best custom furniture products, treatments, and services. Our customized furniture upholstery Dubai is one such excellent treatment which lets you enjoy your dream furniture without compromising the comfort level.

Cost-Effective Servicing

Our custom designed upholstery will provide you with the most long-lasting and serviceable home furnishing.

Budget-Friendly Purchase

All our customized furniture upholstery fabrics are available at affordable prices for an economical decor.

Reliable Customized Upholstery


Committed to High Quality Roofing Services

Trust Score 4.5 (Based on 1,200 reviews)


Finest Customized Upholstery


Projects Done


Discover Frequently Asked Questions

Customized upholstery is a way better choice than ready-made one because it lets you design your dream furniture with ease. Moreover, it has a better build quality, is more heavy-duty and resilient, is easier to maintain and offers endless aesthetic possibilities for every taste and need.

Custom furniture upholstery can be slightly costly than ready-made options because it is designed for a specific user and for particular purposes. However, it offers endless functional benefits, maximum comfort and extreme cost-effectivity, which make it worth choosing.

Some of the best upholstery fabric recommendations for custom furnishing are Real Leather, Velvet, Faux Leather, Microfiber, Natural Linen, Organic Cotton, Chenille, Wool, Polyester, Nylon and Acrylic. All these options are luxurious, heavy-duty, low-maintenance and versatile.

Ensure regular vacuuming for a clean and attractive look. Clean all stains, food droppings and spills right away. Invest in protective treatments and coverings. Keep the furniture covered when not in use. Avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Try to keep excessive sunlight and moisture away from furniture.