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We Provide Outstanding Customized Headboard Treatments

Sofa Bed Dubai offers you the remarkable home improvement service of Customized Headboard for the comfiest and most luxurious beddings.

Finest Quality

We provide the most sublime quality bed head materials and fabrics.

Luxurious Designs

Our Custom bed’s heads designs will make your homes highly inviting.

Improved Comfort

We provide ergonomic bed head treatments for 100% comfort provision.

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Best Customized Headboard Dubai

Design Your Dream Bedding With Our Custom Made Headboards

With us, you can get your hands on any and every desired style of bedding. Our exclusive handmade custom headboards are available for both new and old beds to improve their overall look and level of comfort.

Fixed Headboards

Explore our trendsetting design ideas for fixed bed heads and get inspirations for your next bedroom furnishing.

Detachable Headboards

We provide specialized detachable and floating bed heads for making easy and quick beddings at any time.

We Have A Range Of Creative Custom Headboard Ideas

We welcome you to discuss all your unique bed styling ideas and enjoy the most perfect bedroom furnishing with us. Within our exclusive custom headboard collection, you can find all kinds of vintage and modern styles for your taste. Whether you want to revive your old bedding or are looking for an aesthetic addition to your new bed, we’ve got every unique solution available for you.

Reliable Customized Headboard Dubai
Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered Headboards

Enjoy the comfiest and coziest resting and sleeping times with our plush upholstered bed heads.

Wooden Headboards

Wood Headboards

Browse our latest range of high-quality wood species for valuable and cost-effective bedroom decors.

Get Specialized Handmade Bed Heads With In Your Favorite Designs

We provide multiple customized headboard designing possibilities such as Modern Minimal, Rustic Farmhouse, Luxury Glam and Bohemian Chic styles for outstanding bedroom decorations.

Tufted Headboards

Add maximum luxury and visual interest to your bedrooms with our outstanding tufted bed head designs.

Tuffted Headboard
Better Comfort
Eye-Catching Aesthetics
Easy Maintenance
Improved Value
Classic Customized Headboard Dubai

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Better Comfort

We Make Your Beds The Most Comfortable 

With our special customized bed heads, you can enjoy improved sleep quality, better posture building and reduced backaches.

Unique ergonomic designs for added back and muscle support.
Excellent for prolonged seating, working and/or reading.


Improve Your Bedroom Interiors With Our Economical Custom Headboard Treatments

Bedroom decors and renovations don’t always have to be expensive; design your dream bedding look with our budget-friendly Customized Headboards! We provide high-quality, durable and value-for-money bedhead designing and treatment materials to beautify your bedrooms. All our headboard materials are incredibly affordable and will provide you with multiple long-term benefits.

Fixing And Repair

We seamlessly and quickly treat every damage, dullness and imperfection of your old bed heads.

Enhancement And Protection

We make your bedding furniture completely safe from all kinds of wear while beautifying it.

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Affordable Customized Headboard Dubai


Discover Your Perfect Size Bed Headboards

We provide custom made headboards for every shape and size of beds with flexible features

Queen Sized Beds

King Sized Beds

Canopy Beds

Platform Beds

Finest Customized Headboard Dubai


Get Your Desired Designing With Excellence

We offer endless design, print, pattern, upholstery, tufting and color options for the ideal customization

Custom Artwork



Storage Compartments



How We Create The Best Customized Bed Headboards


Sizing And Shaping

We map out the perfect-sized bed head according to your bedding requirements.


Defining And Manufacturing

We design the headboards using premium-quality materials, fabrics, hardware & finishes.


Customizing And Treating

We define and design your desired customizations, functional features and additions.


Final Touches And Beautification

We beautify the headboards with your favorite finishing, coloring and embellishments.

Why Choose Us?

Sofa Bed Dubai is the best specialist you can ever come across for every interior furnishing and improvement need. We provide unique customized headboards in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for statement bedroom decors and improved comfort.

Cost-Effective Furnishing

Our Custom headboard treatments will serve you with endless coziness, pleasure and a great value for your money

Expert Servicing

We help you in achieving all your dream comfort zones with our extraordinary designing excellence

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First Class Customized Headboard Dubai


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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the size of your headboard and the kind of material you want. Factors like materials, unique design details, extra features, storage additions, and convertibility features are likely to increase the overall project cost. We provide detailed pricing quotations.

The best material recommendations for custom made bed headboards are Exotic and Reclaimed wood, metal, aluminum, and plywood. These materials are highly durable, offer a decent level of longevity, are easy to maintain and offer many design possibilities for unique bedroom decors.

Customized headboards offer a range of advantages, better serviceability and cost-effectivity than ready-made options. You can enjoy your desired level of comfort and back support. Plus, these headboards are low-maintenance, last a lot longer and offer multiple features like extra storage.

Leather is the best fabric choice for upholstered bed headboards. However, if you want something more resilient and cheap, you can choose faux leather. Some other durable, heavy-duty and versatile fabric options are Velvet, Wool, Cotton, Polyester, Chenille, Suede, Cotton Duck and Vinyl.


Our friendly, experienced and professional team will be happy to help and advise you on your requirements