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We Provide The Finest Sofa Upholstery Services

Explore our trendsetting and unique collection of upholstery fabrics for sofas, couches, chairs and loungers.

High Quality

Our upholstery fabrics feature the best build quality and can last for decades.

Heavy Duty

These upholstery fabrics are highly resistant to stains, UV, and wear & impact damage.

Classy Designs

We provide upholstery for sofas in a range of designs, prints, textures, and patterns.

Customized Sofa Upholstery Dubai

Premium Quality Fabrics For Every Sofa Type

Our latest collection of upholstery materials for sofas is incredibly versatile and best-suitable for every sofa and couch style. You can shop for both casual and formal options and also get customized treatments.

Modern And Sleek Options

We provide a range of minimally designed yet classy and sleek upholstery fabrics for your residential and commercial sofas.

Traditional And Luxurious Styles

We offer eye-catching classic themed patterns, prints, colors, and textures of high-end upholstery fabrics for sofas in traditional decors

Customized Sofa Upholstery Dubai Services

In addition to ready-made options of upholstery fabrics for sofas, we provide exclusive custom designing of these fabrics as well. You can easily create your dream furniture looks and interior decor with our excellence.

We provide all kinds of fabric, blending, print, pattern, color, shade, and finish customizations to help you design the perfect sofa according to your taste and requirements.

#1 Sofa Upholstery
Leather Upholstery

Leather Upholstery

Enjoy the most luxurious-looking and durable sofas with easy cleaning and upkeep.

Velvet Upholstery

Velvet Upholstery

Get your hands on the plushest and comfiest fabric for statement decoration.

Hard-Wearing Fabrics For Comfy Sofa Upholstering

Shop for high-quality sofa covering fabrics in endless designs

We have versatile fabric options available for every sofa type and decor need. You can also get blended fabrics for added benefits and longevity.

Natural Upholstery

Shop for elegant and low-maintenance organic cotton, linen, wool, silk, and hemp.

Natural Upholstery
Excellent Comfort
Greater Warmth
Easy Maintenance
Attractive Decor
Best Sofa Upholstery Dubai

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Excellent Comfort

Our Upholstery Fabrics Make Every Furnishing The Most Comfortable

We provide the finest upholstery materials with intricate weaving and thickly packed fibers for 100% comfort and posture support.

Can revive the comfort level of every sofa.
Excellent choice for prolonged sitting or working.

We Offer The Best Quality Upholstering Treatments At Low Rates

With us, you can get every desired sofa styling without breaking the bank. Our trendy range of fabrics for sofa upholstery Dubai includes amazing options for every budget and requirement and you can get all sorts of cheap customizations as well. We provide fabrics that are highly long-lasting and hence completely value-for-money.

Sofa Reupholstery

We provide quick and flawless sofa and couch reupholstering to help you save money and time. Book us online to improve the look of your sofas at discounted rates.

Sofa Covering

We provide highly efficient sofa fabrications, coverings, customizations, tufting, buttoning, coloring, printing, designing, and cushioning treatments

Modern Sofa Upholstery
Durable Sofa Upholstery Dubai


Choose Luxurious Natural And Synthetic Fabrics

Our shop has the widest range of fabric options for both casual and formal use sofas





Elegant Sofa Upholstery Dubai


Browse Trendsetting Sofa Designing Options

We offer the most unique designs for sofa coverings to make you enjoy your dream interior decor.





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How We Offer The Most Efficient Sofa Upholstery Dubai


Removing Old Upholstery

We rip the entire fabrication and padding of your damaged sofas.


Measuring Required Fabric

We carry out all the planning and measurements for determining fabrications.


Treating The Damages

We fix and treat every damage of your sofas and couches.


Covering The Sofa

We flawlessly design your dream sofas with your desired upholstering fabrics.


Why Choose Us?

Sofa Bed Dubai is a well-known provider of sofa upholstery products and services in Dubai and nearby cities. We have served endless people with our luxurious and long-lasting furniture treatments and provide the best solutions for every unique need. Discuss your sofa and couch upholstering requirements today!

Quick Servicing

We’ll transform your new and old sofas and couches into masterpieces in no time

Greater Cost-Effectivity

Our services will save you plenty of money and offer amazing health and wellness benefits

Sofa Upholstery
Efficient Sofa Upholstery Dubai


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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Reupholstering a sofa offers a ton of benefits and is a way better approach than buying new furniture. You can get the whole look of your sofa revived by a reupholstering treatment, improve its comfort level, value & coziness, and design it right according to your preferences.

Some of the most long-lasting and heavy-duty fabrics for sofa and couch upholstery are Leather, Microfiber, Linen, Cotton, Velvet, Silk, Wool, Polyester, Acrylic, Chenille, Canvas, Corduroy and Nylon. All these choices are excellent for regular use, easy to maintain, and offer good comfort.

This entirely depends on the size and style of your sofa and the upholstering material you’re dealing with. Generally, the per-seat price of sofa upholstery in Dubai is between 550 AED and 1,000 AED, which means it will cost you around 1,900 to 5,600 AED to upholster a standard-sized sofa.

Avoid eating and drinking on top of the sofa and keep pets away from it. Address all the stains and spills right away with suitable spot treatments. Consider regular wipes or vacuum cleaning. Use mild detergents and protectants for maintenance. Avoid the contact of the sofa with excessive sunlight to prevent fading.