Get Fast And Flawless Sofa Repair Dubai

We Offer The Most Efficient Sofa Repairs In Dubai

Sofa Bed Dubai welcomes you to get all your damaged and worn-out sofas and couches repaired with ultimate perfection.

Quick Treatments

We treat your damaged furniture and transform its whole look in no time.

Flawless Results

With our sofa repair services, you can create the finest-looking furnishing.

100% Cost-Effectivity

We help you save money on new furniture with our long-lasting treatments.

Sofa Repair
Classic Sofa Repair Dubai


We Offer Repair Services For Every Sofa Damage 

With us, you can transform even the dullest and most irreparable sofas and enjoy maximum comfort. Our repair and fixing services are available for all kinds of sofas, couches, chairs, and other seating furniture.

Sofa Repair

We offer flawless, quick, and long-term favorable frame and design repair services for all shapes and styles of sofas at affordable rates.

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Sofa Reupholstering

We offer flawless fabric covers, reupholstering, padding, cushioning, tufting, and designing for all sofas and couches.


Get The Best Solutions For Every Sofa Damage 

No matter how much dull or damaged sofa or couch you own, you can always have it revived magically by our experts. We provide flawless restoration and beautifying treatments for every sofa, making it appear luxurious, inviting, and incredibly comfortable. Our services will not just save you a lot of money but will also provide you with mind-blowing coziness and attractive decoration.

Sofa Repair Dubai
Classic Sofa Repair

Upholstery Repairs

Get your worn-out, torn, ruptured, discolored, or damaged sofa upholstery fixed most seamlessly by us.

Modern Sofa Repair

Structural Repairs

We provide complete repair and fixing services for sofas, making them useful and easy to maintain ahead.

Forget Buying New Furniture. Get Our Cost-effective Repair Services Today!

We are the most expert providers of sofa repair treatments in the UAE. Our excellence will help you make the most out of your existing furniture, making it an outstanding part of your decor idea.

Cosmetic Repairs

Get our top-notch beautifying treatments and customizations and enjoy the new looks of your favorite sofas.

Sofa Repair
Improved Comfort
Easy Upkeep
Inviting Looks
Sofa Repair Dubai

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Flawless Results

We Offer The Most Efficient Sofa Repairs

Our services will fix every damage and flaw of your sofas and couches with 100% seamlessness.

Saves you from buying new sofas.
Keeps your furnishing functional for a long.


Get The Most Budget-friendly Fixing Treatments For Your Sofas

We welcome you to get all your damaged and defiled sofas perfectly restored by us. Our incredible and timeless servicing will save you from making new purchases and will offer you long-lasting comfort at an affordable price. We offer all kinds of luxurious treatments for sofas to enhance their beauty and worth like never before.

Value-For-Money Work

Keep your sofas, couches, and chairs functional and comfortable for years on end with our services. Book us now to enjoy attractive discounts!

Multifunctional Improvement

Enjoy the addition of useful features like storage, convertibility, stain-resistant treatments, detachable parts, cushions, and ottomans.


What They Are Talking About.

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#1 Sofa Repair

Efficient Repairs 

Get Every Sofa Damage And Flaw Fixed

Say goodbye to dull-looking, damaged, uncomfortable, noisy, and discolored sofas and welcome new and attractive art pieces.


Tuxedo Sofas


Sofa Beds

Classic Sofa Repair

Flawless Replacements 

Enjoy Quick And Seamless Additions

Get your hands on your dream multifunctional sofas and couches with our highly efficient customizations and treatments

Extra Storage

Detachable Armrests

Detachable Backrests

Cushions & Throw Pillows



How We Transform Your Couches And Sofas

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Analyzing The Sofa

We offer complete & free inspections of your desired couches and sofas.



Ripping Old Covering

We take off the existing upholstering, covering, and padding of sofas.



Addressing All Damages 

We fix all the imperfections and flaws of sofa frames and upholstery.



Upholstering And Enhancing

We add the new upholstering and fabrication along with your desired styling.

Why Choose Us?

Sofa Bed Dubai is where furnishing items are turned into unique artwork. Our Sofa Repair Dubai is the most wonderful treatment for every old and boring sofa and couch, turning it into the most eye-catching decor element.

Mind-blowing Comfort

We will make you experience an entirely new level of comfort with our repair services.

Matchless Perfection

Our services are available for every sofa damage & functional improvement requirement.

Sofa Repair
Sofa Repair Dubai


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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the size and style of your sofa and the kind of damage you’re getting repaired. Minor sofa repairs in Dubai cost around 200 AED to 500 AED, whereas major ones are likely to cost up to 1,500 AED to 3,000 AED. The cost of complete reupholstery treatments starts from 3,000 AED.

Start by thoroughly cleaning the sofa using a vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment or you can use a stiff-bristled brush. Afterwards, mix suitable amounts of White Vinegar, Baking Soda and mild dish soap in warm water to make a cleaner. Deep clean the sofa with this cleaner and a brush. Finish off by wiping the surface with a damp cloth and allow complete drying.

Yes, we fix and treat all kinds of pet damage on sofas and couches. You can bring us all kinds of pet-affected sofas, chairs, and couches and we’ll fix them in no time, whether it’s an upholstery rupture or stubborn staining. We also treat sofas with protective elements to prevent future damage.

We provide all kinds of repairs, fixes, and replacements for sofa upholstery such as new fabrication, refabrication, stitch-ups, restuffing, fixing of sagging couches, treatment of tears and rims, removal of discoloration or fading, stains, and others. You can also get new slipcovers and protective fabrics.


Our friendly, experienced and professional team will be happy to help and advise you on your requirements